We help Pharmaceutical Fraud Whistleblowers

The Pharmaceutical Integrity Coalition (PIC) is an independent Advocacy Group, with no ties to the Pharma industry. This NGO was founded as a Safe Harbor by highly-concerned professionals who are solely focused on ending this public-health tragedy of ignorance and neglect as soon as possible. Our goal is to stop contaminated and questionable potency products from entering the US commerce stream.

We want to precipitate the beginning of the end of cGMP violations from off-shore manufacturing of America’s Pharmaceutical products, righting these egregious wrongs and moving to a future of sustained dependability and trust of pharmaceuticals for health and healing. It’s all about why and how we grew our careers in the Pharma industry, to help people, and the only way we know how to practice our CM&C craft.

  • KL McNeil  
    Chairman, PIC
“The employee who, in the public interest, has the personal courage to challenge illegality is a kind of public hero.”