The Pharmaceutical Integrity Coalition is an independent group with absolutely no ties to the Pharma industry. We provide a safe harbor for QA, DS, DP professionals and other insiders anywhere in the world to report unsafe non-spec drugs being sold into the U.S market and to make cash reward claims under U.S. law.

Pharma manufacturing professionals – From Any Country – with valid information on cGMP violations within the last 6 years affecting U.S. marketed pharmaceuticals may be eligible for significant compensation.

The Pharmaceutical Integrity Coalition

  • We are a confidential conduit for insiders to report product deficiencies/deviations
  • We assess your information and reward money claim potential
  • We protect your personal privacy and help package your information & claim

We have prequalified experienced whistleblower lawyers who, at no charge to you, help screen your information with the U.S. government in secret. This means you have a better idea of the strength of your case and the likelihood of acceptance into the whistleblower reward program – Before You File Your Case and Claim.

Our established relationships with U.S. agencies, offshore pharmaceutical CMO experience, and Coalition members’ track record of success in securing over $50 million US in recent rewards adds to claim credibility and enhances reward viability.